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伦敦交易商London Capital Group Holdings在其监管文件中承认,公司收购了一家塞浦路斯软件开发公司。该行为旨在扩大公司拥有的交易平台服务范围,在接下来的几个月将针对银行大力营销。
塞浦路斯软件公司Surecom已经被Spotware Systems Limited收购了。根据公司声明“Surecom的收购将会促进和夯实公司交易平台和先进技术的发展。”
公司头半年发布了令人失望的结果,然而与Finance Magnates进行的专访中,London Capital Group Holdings的CEO Charles-Henri Sabet表示要增加公司股权,他很清楚的记得,前半年是公司最糟糕的时期。
Spotware系统闻名于业界,是MT4平台的一个主要的竞争对手。公司开发的cTrader, cAlgo和cMirror几个加以平台,提供不同的市场交易解决方案。
此次融资收购,London Capital Group Holdings将在上市申请提交以后发行3,754,614新的普通股。批准预计在2015年10月9日之后审批,London Capital Group Holdings股票的膨胀股票数将达到79,846,890普通股。
London Capital Group Holdings Acquires Cypriot Software Firm from Spotware
The London based brokerage seems to be committing more resources towards developing proprietary technology to boost its offering
London based brokerage London Capital Group Holdings (LON:LCG) has just announced in a regulatory filing that the company acquired a software development firm based in Cyprus. The move is aiming to boost the company’s own proprietary trading platforms offering, as LCG is banking on a big marketing effort in the coming months.
Cypriot software company Surecom has been acquired from Spotware Systems Limited. According to the company’s announcement, “The acquisition of Surecom will facilitate the further development and enhancement of the Company’s dealing platforms and new advanced technologies.”
The company reported disappointing results for the first half of the year, however in an exclusive statement to Finance Magnates, the CEO of London Capital Group Holdings (LON:LCG) Charles-Henri Sabet, who increased his stake in the brokerage, has expressed that the worst quarters of the firm are behind it.
Spotware Systems is known in the industry for being the company behind one of the main challengers of MetaTrader 4. The company has developed cTrader, cAlgo and cMirror to provide alternative trading platform solutions to the market. A number of brokerages are offering cTrader to their clients, making it one of the few more widely distributed alternatives to MT4.
To finance the acquisition, London Capital Group Holdings (LON:LCG) will issue 3,754,614 new ordinary shares with an application for the listing of new shares already being filed. The Admission is expected to occur on the 9th of October 2015, after which the float of London Capital Group Holdings (LON:LCG) shares will amount to 79,846,890 ordinary shares.

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