艾福瑞聘用Roberto d’Ambrosio出任欧洲运营的主管

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艾福瑞已经聘用Roberto d’Ambrosio出任欧洲运营部的主管,对公司在欧盟的业务进行监督。今年的早些时候,代理申请获得马耳他金融服务管理局的营业执照。
d’Ambrosio先生从Tier1fx离职加入了艾弗瑞,从今年2月开始出任公司的销售副总裁。在此之前,他是FXDD的欧洲区销售总监。  (照片为Roberto d’Ambrosio)
在与Finance Magnates的记者交谈时,d’Ambrosio先生说,公司希望在该地区开展更多的业务。

Alpari Hires Roberto d’Ambrosio to Lead its European Operation
The company is committed to expansion in the European Union after lining up for a license in Malta earlier this year

 Alpari has hired Roberto d’Ambrosio a its new Director of European Operations to supervise the company’s effort across the European Union (EU). Earlier this year, the broker applied to receive an operating license from the Maltese Financial Services Authority (MFSA).

With Maltese regulation representing a substantial investment, the company is aiming to bring an experienced professional within its ranks and expand its business in a region where the Alpari brand has already become popular in some regions.
Mr d’Ambrosio has joined the company from Tier1fx, where he held the position of Vice President of Sales starting in February this year. Before that he was the Director of Sales for the European region at FXDD.
Speaking to Finance Magnates reporters, Mr d’Ambrosio shared that the company is looking to do more business in the region.
“Our exceptional team of professionals is working on a new approach to forex trading which will focus on the real needs of our traders: the reliability of the trading environment, cutting edge trading technology and a sound source of education and information,” elaborated Mr d’Ambrosio.
Alpari is working on some new offerings, “We are working on, and will gradually deploy, a set of new tools and products that will position us to the forefront of trading technology and market participation. I have always been a fan of a “bottom up” approach when it comes to identifying which services to implement for traders and Alpari fully embraced this approach.”
While the market in Europe is closer to saturated and many brokers are competing for the same clients, the Alpari brand has been popular across parts of Eastern Europe.
Licensing a forex broker in Malta
We asked the new Director of European Operations of Alpari what was the reason for the firm to pick Malta for its European regulation and he explained, “Malta is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe, with a sound banking system and strict, yet approachable Regulatory environment.”
Mr d’Ambrosio also said that a more strict approach to forex companies licensing is a general path undertaken by all European regulatory bodies.
“The fact that the MFSA has risen the bar in terms of requirements to get licensed and that it has further enhanced its due diligence process is far from discouraging us from considering Malta as a jurisdiction, but in the contrary is giving us the comfort that Malta suits Alpari plans as an leading international player,” he concluded on the matter.


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