MFX Broker通过零售竞赛挑选雇用外汇交易员

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虽然现在MFX Broker只提供外汇交易,但是在不久的将来,MFX Broker计划将差价合约和股票搬上交易的平台。
MFX Broker,持有俄罗斯金融监管牌照,本次公司举办的国际竞赛是为了寻找一批有能力自如管理10万美金账户的交易员。该公司同样表示会给出色的交易员一个出任总经理的机会,领导一个新的、具有非凡能力的团队。
其中尤其有意思的是,MFX Broker声明,交易者也可以选择不参加比赛,只需作为MFX Broker的代理使用真实账户交易并提交声明就可以了。如果交易员也认可公司的话,胜出的交易员就可以成为团队的领导。
MFX Broker董事长Igor Volkov这样解释:“坦白讲,我们创建一个高水平的专业团队是希望能融洽而有效的开展我们的业务。我们相信,此次合作将会是收获颇丰的、并且多方面将受益匪浅的。当然,我们也不可能是慈善家,我们不会将我们的钱投到没有回报的事情上面去,不可能分给每一个人。”
接受了Finance Magnates的采访后,MFX Broker解释说虽然现在公司只操作外汇交易,但是在不久的将来,一定会计划将差价合约和股票加入到公司的产品。
MFX Broker to Recruit FX Prop Traders via Retail Competition
Currently, only forex trading is included but in the near future MFX Broker is planning to launch prop on CFDs and stocks.
Belize licensed MFX Broker is launching an international competition to find traders who will handle proprietary accounts with $100,000 under management. The firm also says that it is giving traders a chance to become one of its top managers, as head of the new team of prop traders.
The selection process will consist of ten steps, including various requirements for risk-management and trading capabilities. For the first six stages, for example, the use of experts advisors is not allowed.
Interestingly, the firm states that instead of the contest selection process, a trader can also just provide a statement of trading on a real account not necessarily opened with MFX Broker. In the case the results correlate with the requirements, the trader becomes a member of the prop team.
Igor Volkov, President of MFX Broker commented: “Frankly speaking we want to create a team of professionals of the highest level to work in close rapport with them further. We believe this cooperation is fruitful and mutually beneficial. Of course, we are not altruists and we are not going to give away hundreds thousands of dollars to everyone.
To select the top, best of the best we worked out a special program ’10 steps to success’. The challenger should be successful in all 10 rounds. But the principal point is that at all stages he risks only company funds. His personal risk is evaluated by $30 which he deposits in the beginning. But after completion of all the steps his profit may be dozens, hundreds, or even millions of dollars.”
Speaking with Finance Magnates, MFX Broker explained that currently only forex trading is included, but in the near future they are planning to launch prop on CFDs and stocks.


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