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英国金融市场行为监管局(FCA)监管的社会交易商英国公司已经向英国Companies House提交了2014年年度报告。数据显示,该公司财政赤字并且在2013年亏损了31.2701万美元后,去年亏损增加到87.8499万美元。
去年,公司从中国和俄罗斯投资者获得了2700万美元的资金,eToro继续努力其产品线,并承诺扩展开发到新兴市场。中国风险投资公司平安保险企业,芬技术公司SBT Venture Capital,他们的主要合作伙伴获得了俄罗斯最大的银行一些额外的投资。
eToro UK 2014 Annual Report Reveals More Than $800,000 Net Loss
Rising costs have impacted the company’s bottom line as it remains solidly capitalized to boost its product offering throughout 2015
The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated social trading brokerage has filed its annual report for 2014 with the U.K. Companies House. The numbers reveal that the company has continued operating in the red and after losing $312,701 in 2013, last year the company added to that a further $878,499.
The figures are consistent with the company increasing its expenditures to deliver new products to the market such as stocks CFDs, which the company introduced in April. In addition eToro has later committed to a sponsorship deal with football club West Ham United, which could have costed the company a substantial investment.
After securing $27 million in funding from Chinese and Russian investors last year, eToro has continued its efforts to boost its product line and has made a commitment to expand into both emerging markets. Chinese venture capital firm Ping An Ventures, and fintech focused SBT Venture Capital, whose main partner is Russia’s largest bank have pledged some additional funding.
The global growth efforts to which eToro committed are yet to be fully reflected in a publicly available report, due to the company’s structure. In 2014 the UK subsidiary of the social trading brokerage got a capital injection of just over $1 million from its parent company eToro Group Limited.
The UK unit of the firm has only reported administrative and operating expenses totaling to $876,147, which basically leads up to the loss which the company reported after finance expenses.

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