Traders Education发布与Trading Central的合作声明

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提供终端到终端的解决方案的一家主要的公司提供了Traders Education工具给全世界的交易者,他们已经宣布了新的合作计划旨在扩大Traders Education在这个行业的业务范围。
公司选择了从Trading Central添加小部件的方式为交易者提供向市场专家学习的机会。新工具将被添加到Traders Education网站上,为学习者提供信号,实时的分析图表、战略和经济事件。
Trading Central提供的一系列的服务和其专属的分析师和交易员的评论。一些著名经纪人已经认可了教育工具的价值以及在行业内存在的两个方向。


Traders Education Launches a Collaboration with Trading Central
The companies have created a synergy to deliver additional education tools for traders interested in financial markets

One of the main companies providing an end-to end solution delivering trading education tools to traders worldwide, has announced a new partnership aiming to expand the Traders Education’s reach in this space.
The firm has chosen to add a widget tool from Trading Central to deliver additional ways for traders to learn from market experts. The new tool will be added to the websites of Traders Education’s clients with some signals delivering real-time analysis of charts, strategies and economic events.
Trading Central has been providing a number of services to traders with its proprietary analysts and commentary. Some major brokers have already endorsed the value of educational tools with the trends in this space moving in two directions.
While some brokers have been relying on third parties, others have developed their own portals to provide traders with market analytics. The latter approach has proven to be a costly investment and not all of the brokers who launched their own initiatives have managed to see returns on their effort.
By relying on a third party for educational content, smaller and medium-sized brokers can approach the space without extra costs, while bigger brokers can diversify their existing content.

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