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上周在伦敦成功的推出其Hotspot FX匹配引擎之后,BATS Global Markets则将目光放到了大西洋彼岸的一个服务的升级上。11月9日,公司将迁移其纽约匹配引擎到新泽西斯考克斯市的 Equinix NY5的数据中心。
新的设备,Hotspot将会从新泽西的泽西城迁出——许多金融机构坐落的城市。该举措将会产生使用Equinix NY5作为主要的数据中心的纽约金融机构良好的连接。
发布的评论中,BATS Global Markets的首席执行官Chris Concannon说:“我们计划彻底改变外汇市场的格局。我们此次的活动仅仅是个开始,客户的反响就已经很好很强烈了。”
该项目已经在今年3月启动,在Hotspot被BATS Global Markets收购之后开始的。
此举并不是一个大惊喜,因为自从之前BATS得到了Equinix的服务,今年一月就将其Direct Edge Exchanges,EDGA和EDGX移到Equinix NY5数据中心里面了。随后,该公司还将BATS BZX,BYX Exchanges和BATS Options进行了迁移。
BATS Targets November to Move Hotspot’s US Matching Engine to NY5
After announcing a successful launch of its London matching engine, the company is focusing on improving its U.S. infrastructure
After successfully launching its Hotspot FX matching engine in London last week, BATS Global Markets has set its sights across the Atlantic for another upgrade to its services. On the 9th of November the firm is set to migrate its New York matching engine to the Equinix NY5 data centre in Secaucus, New Jersey.
The new facility to which Hotspot will be relocating from its current site in Jersey City, New Jersey, is already home to a number of financial institutions. The move will result in better connectivity for a number of New York based financial institutions who are using the Equinix NY5 as their main data centre.
Meanwhile the company has already announced that after the launch of the new London matching engine last week, the single count trading volume transacted through it totaled $1.2bn. The company has already committed to provide its clients with free access to the venue until the end of 2015.
Commenting on the launch, the CEO of BATS Global Markets, Chris Concannon said, “we plan to permanently change the landscape of the FX market. We are only at the start of this campaign, and customers are already responding very well.”
The project was announced in March this year, after the acquisition of Hotspot by BATS Global Markets.
“That we can launch an entirely new venue in such a short timeframe speaks to the incredible strength of our global technology team under Chris Isaacson, our global CIO. His teams continue to set the bar for operational excellence and efficiency in all the markets we touch,” Mr Concannon explained.
BATS cooperation with Equinix
The move is not a big surprise, since BATS has endorsed the services of Equinix in the past when it moved its Direct Edge Exchanges, EDGA and EDGX to the Equinix NY5 data centre in January this year. Subsequently, the company has also made a move with relocating the BATS BZX and BYX Exchanges, and BATS Options.
Equinix is already delivering its services to a number of buy-side and sell-side companies, exchanges and trading platforms.

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