Fiance Magnate在东京召开峰会,Traders Securities荣获2015年度最佳外汇交易商

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Traders Securities在2015年Finance Magnates东京峰会被出席峰会的同仁授予最佳交易商。该奖项是交易行业的一种殊荣,是由同行业的同仁匿名评选的。
在MT4在日本市场越来越萎靡的情况下,超过700位的行业同仁为SBI FXtrade颁发了最佳交易平台的奖项。Nextop Asia被授予奖最佳零售技术提供商。
另外一个十分重要的单元奖项——最佳大宗交易商,授予Nomura Securities。
Finance Magnates颁发最佳营销代理奖给,,该公司因为交易商做推广以吸引当地客户。
Michael Greenberg,Finance Magnates的首席执行官和创始人,宣布获奖者名单并邀请公司代表上台领奖,接受殊荣。
新产品     新视野
颁奖典礼结束后,数以百计的外汇和fintech专业人士展开了一天的小组讨论、学习会议和展览。峰会的展厅看到几个新产品的推出,尤其是Tradency展示其新平台Smart Investors ,推出旨在使交易策略和方法更容易的被制定。
另一个新颖的产品是解决方案的发展,BeekFX已展示了其对Beeks Financial Cloud产品的改良和延展,更能迎合机构客户的需求。
Finance Magnates 期待明年与您相见,明年峰会将在伦敦举办。
Traders Securities Awarded Best FX Broker at Finance Magnates’ Tokyo Summit 2015
The Awards conclude a vibrant Summit hosting over 700 FX and fintech professionals for timely discussions and hands-on learning sessions.
Traders Securities has just been awarded the Best Retail Forex Broker for 2015 by Finance Magnates’ Tokyo Summit 2015’s attendees. The award is a one of a kind in the trading industry, determined exclusively and anonymously by peers.
Over 700 attendees have crowned SBI FXtrade to be the best trading platform in the Japanese market, where MT4 is increasingly losing ground. Nextop Asia was awarded with the prize for Best Retail Technology Provider.
Another important category in this year’s event was the Best Prime Broker, given to Nomura Securities.
Finance Magnates’ Award for best marketing broker was granted to, operating which is known for appealing commercials for the local trader clientèle.
Michael Greenberg, Finances Magnates’ CEO and Founder, announced the winners and greeted the firms’ representatives who accepted the prestigious awards on stage.
New Products, New Insights
The awards ceremony concludes a rich day of panels, learning sessions and exhibition, home to hundreds of FX and fintech professionals. The Summit’s exhibition hall has seen several new product launches, most notably with Tradency showcasing its new Smart Investors, aiming to facilitate simpler trading methods by creating tailored packages of algo-trading strategies.
One other interesting launch exhibited on the showroom belongs to latency solutions. BeekFX has showcased its expanded Beeks Financial Cloud offering, catering to institutional clients’ needs.
All in all, this year’s content was geared towards technology and the integration of new solutions into the trading industry. Fintech took center stage in the panel discussions, and it will be interesting to see how topics that arose at the elite gathering will be implemented in the months to come.
Finance Magnates is looking forward to seeing you next year as well, while already shifting towards our next event in London.

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