Advanced Markets确认Michael Cairns出任COO

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Michael Cairns出任Advanced Markets的COO一职,将会对团队业务发展和总产品整套销售策略进行监督。
Advanced Markets, LLC对其管理团队进行了扩充,任命Michael Cairns为COO(首席运营官),立即上任。
Cairns先生从2009年开始在FX Solutions出任CEO,之后的很长时间之后加入Advanced Markets。他的职责就是负责经纪人的管理和商业策略,并在新泽西工作。之前的工作,他同样担任FX Solutions交易和风险管理部门的主管,任职长达八年的时间。根据他在领英上公布的个人简历,他有14年的代理任期经验。
此外,这些要追溯到1982年,他还在几个非常著名的机构任职过,像:City Index,KBC Bank & Verzekering,Istituto Bancario San Paolo di Torino,国民西敏寺银行以及爱尔兰阿斯特银行。他的职业生涯大部分时间都贡献给了做市计划——也就是外汇。    (Cairns先生本人)
早在6月的时候,Advanced Market的CEO Anthony Brocco先生,发布了提供给机构客户的差价合约的最新的发展。在Finance Magnates对其进行了完整的采访之后,Brocco先生解释了服务配套推广背后的推动力是什么。
Advanced Markets Secures Michael Cairns as Its COO
In his new role as the COO of Advanced Markets, Mr. Cairns will help oversee the group’s business development and overall product suite.
Advanced Markets, LLC has bolstered its executive team with the appointment of Michael Cairns as its newest Chief Operating Officer (COO), who joins the broker with immediate effect.
In his new role as the COO of Advanced Markets, Mr. Cairns will help oversee the group’s business development and overall product suite, which includes foreign exchange (FX), contracts-for-difference (CFDs) and precious metals, among other instruments – he will be based out of the firm’s New York branch.
Mr. Cairns joins Advanced Markets after a lengthy stint at FX Solutions, where he served as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) since 2009. In this capacity, he was responsible for the management and business strategy of the broker, having been based out of New Jersey. Prior to this role, he also worked at FX Solutions as its Head of Trading and Risk Management for eight years, part of a fourteen-year tenure at the broker, according to information made public on his LinkedIn profile.
Additionally, he has also worked in several senior level roles at City Index, KBC Bank & Verzekering, Istituto Bancario San Paolo di Torino, National Westminster Bank PLC, and Ulster Bank, dating back to 1982. The vast majority of his career has been relegated to market making initiatives, namely FX.
Back in June, Anthony Brocco, CEO of Advanced Markets, outlined the latest development of CFD offering to its institutional clientele. In a full length interview with Finance Magnates, Mr. Brocco explained the impetus behind the expansion of its services suite.

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